Aris Wireless Speaker Launched, Certified Compatible with Windows 8

Aris Wireless Speaker Launched, Certified Compatible with Windows 8

Aperion Audio has launched the Aris wireless speaker for Windows 7/8.

Certified compatible with the Windows 8 speaker system, users can utilize the Windows "Play To" feature to select and send music wirelessly from any Windows PC, tablet, or smartphone connected to their home network, eliminating the need to move music files between devices or plug and unplug cables to listen to specific tracks. Using Windows 7/8 on PCs or tablets and controller Apps on a Windows, Android, or iOS smartphone, users can send music from any source on the network to an Aris speaker located anywhere in the home.

Enabling functionality similar to wireless speakers that work with Apple AirPlay or Bluetooth technology, the all-in-one stereo speaker system includes six internal drivers and four amplifiers that provide a total of 100W of audio power and a maximum SPL of 105dB. Wrapped in an extruded and black anodized aluminum enclosure, the Aris is equipped with an adjustable and removable red steel stand for precise angling to enable optimal placement in any room.

Backed by a one-year limited warranty which covers all defects in material and workmanship, the Aperion Aris speaker with Aris wireless card for Windows is priced at US$499.

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