Arctic Presents Thermal Glue G-1 for RAM and VR Heatsinks

Arctic Presents Thermal Glue G-1 for RAM and VR Heatsinks

PFAFFIKON, Switzerland - Arctic proudly presents G-1, a specially formulated thermal glue designed to replace the typical thermal tapes for affixing RAM and VR heatsinks. G-1 outperforms generic thermal tapes in two ways: enhanced thermal conductivity and reliability. G-1 improves cooling of components and thus creates headroom for overclocking.

Made with metal-free composite, the G-1 is electrically non-conductive to eliminate the risk of causing short circuits to the mainboard. In contrast to thermal tapes, the G-1 does not age and once cured, it guarantees adhesiveness over 10 years.

Hassle-free application is another feature which is worth to note. Simply mix the two pouches of the compound together with a mixing wand and container that are included, its thin and fluid-like texture allows users to easily apply and control the thickness of the paste according to their needs.

Designed for overclockers to interchange their coolers on different mainboards, removing heatsinks that are affixed with the G-1 is extremely easy. Once the glue cures after application, it becomes a texture similar to thermal pads, thus removing the G-1 is a breeze – same as thermal pads. Moreover, G-1 would not leave any residues behind to ensure the components are always intact. This certainly cuts a lot of time for overclockers to remove/reapply on the heatsinks.

The G-1 is now bundled with ARCTIC’s latest CPU and VGA coolers. It is also available separately with MSRP at $ 8.86 USD and € 6.04 EUR, excl. VAT

Thermal Conductivity 4.3 W/mK
Temperature Range -45 to 200 degree Celsius
Viscosity 320 poise
Gravity at 25 degree Celsius 2.4 g/cm3
Net Weight 3 sets: 9g


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