Apps to Help Overcome Your Social Media Addiction

Apps to Help Overcome Your Social Media Addiction

The way social media draws you in is by offering instant gratification. All you need to do is sign in to your account and all the updates that matter to you will be displayed in one nice package. But what should take five minutes can become hours as you click on link after link venturing further down the rabbit hole.

However, you can now take matters into your own hand and force yourself to break your distracting social media habits with the help of a few well chosen apps such as Freedom and Anti-Social. The former completely blocks off internet access for a specified duration while the latter just restricts access to user designated websites for specific time periods.

Amazingly, seeing that both apps are not free, Freedom already has 350,000 downloads while Anti-Social has been picked up by 125,000 users. There is no doubt that sites like Facebook and Twitter offer constant distractions which may reduce productivity, and the problem needs to be addressed. Perhaps empowering the user to plug out of his own volition is the way to go.

Source: Freedom and Anti-Social via Arstechnica

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