Apple's New iPad Available from 16th March, Comes with iOS 5.1

Apple's New iPad Available from 16th March, Comes with iOS 5.1

It's simply called the new iPad. Third generation to be precise, according to Apple CEO Tim Cook.

Announced just a few hours ago, the new iPad has proven much of the earlier rumors and reports true. If you're interested to see how the new iPad stacks up against the earlier rumors, and also how much of a hardware upgrade it got as compared to its predecessors, we have a handy round-up for you here. But if you're looking for quick highlights, here are the prominent upgrades:

  • Screen resolution of 2048 x 1536 pixels
  • Apple A5X dual-core processor, with a quad-core graphics processor
  • 5-megapixel camera with 1080p video recording
  • LTE speeds up to 72Mbps

And what about Siri? Unfortunately, that is a no-show for the iPad. Instead, a voice dictation feature is added to the new Apple tablet, with language support for English, German, French and Japanese. Surprisingly, the 3rd generation iPad has taken on a thicker profile than the iPad 2, measuring at 9.4mm. We're also looking at a heavier iPad, weighing 652g and 662g for the Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi with 3G versions respectively. Apple also claims that the battery life retains the same 10 hours uptime, and that's what we'll be testing when a test unit comes along.

Now here's a bit of good news - according to Apple, the new tablets will be available from March 16th, and Singapore is listed as one of the countries within the first wave. Prices start from US$499 for the Wi-Fi 16GB version, and given the current exchange rate, we should be expecting similar prices to the iPad 2 when it was first launched in Singapore. And for those who are waiting for a price reduction on the previous generation iPads, you're in luck. The iPad 2 will still be sold, and Apple has stated that the 16GB Wi-Fi version will be priced at US$399.

Apple also took the opportunity to announce new apps and an update to iOS. One such app is iPhoto, which makes the transition from the Mac OS to iOS. Besides the usual image enhancement features such as color, exposure and contrast control, iPhoto will also come with Facebook, Flickr and Twitter integration. Garage Band also gets an updated feature called Jam Session, which lets multiple iOS devices link up and record live music together.

iOS 5.1 has also been announced and right about now, you can expect an over-the-air update for your iOS devices. The incremental update gives users the option to delete photos from Photo Stream and adds a video stabilization feature to the redesigned camera app. For iPhone 4S users, the iOS 5.1 update will also have your voice assistant Siri supporting Japanese language.

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