Apple's Income Rose 78% Over Last Quarter

Apple's Income Rose 78% Over Last Quarter

Apple posted riches over its quarterly financial call yesterday. Net income rose by 78% over the last quarter, selling the most Macs it's ever had. Even then, iPad sales nearly matched Mac sales, and iPhone sales zipped past them all.

Apple sold nearly 3.3 million iPads in the quarter. Consumers gravitated to higher-priced models of the tablet, helping to create a new segment of Apple’s business that generated revenue of $2.1 billion.

With 8.4 million units sold, the iPhone remains Apple’s biggest and most profitable business, generating $5.3 billion in revenue in the quarter. Most of the sales were of the iPhone 3G and 3GS, since the iPhone 4 went on sale June 24, just three days before the quarter’s end.

And Apple sold 3.47 million Macintosh computers, the most ever in a quarter, dispelling fears that the iPad would hurt those sales.

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