Apple Tax Starting to Pay Off for Consumers

Apple Tax Finally Paying Off for Consumers

The New York Times, made a pretty interesting observation regarding Apple's pricing strategy. The basic gist of the whole article, is that Apple is leveraging on its extremely streamlined supply chain and early access to parts, to get themselves the lowest cost prices.

It also doesn't help their competitors that Apple has now gotten themselves a reputation for setting trends, and buying up components way before they start their incredibly effective marketing campaigns.

This forces their competitors to scramble for leftover parts, which pushes up prices for components, and hence final product prices, leaving competitors unable to compete with Apple in a price for quality war. 

And in order to compete, they may have to compromise in terms of quality, or in terms of profits, and either way, Apple will be laughing all the way to the top.

Take the MacBook Air for example. Our review indicated that there isn't a hint of compromise on the quality of the machine, yet it is priced lower than the similar Windows running Samsung Series 9, which was launched around the same time.

Now the biggest question is, now that the "Apple Tax" has been lifted, will you still get an Apple product?

To read more, click here (Source: New York Times)


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