Apple Sues Samsung Explained

Apple Sues Samsung Explained

Interested but confused about Apple's suit yesterday against Samsung? Nilay Patel, ex-lawyer, ex-Engadget and still tech journalist, lays it all out in laymen's terms. To wit:

Taken as a group, it feels like a remarkably solid case - Samsung can’t just up and countersue Apple with its own patents and hope to walk away with a handshake and a cross-license because of the various trademark, trade dress, and design patent claims. How the company decides to deal with those issues remains to be seen; there’s no question in my mind that Samsung designed TouchWiz to look and feel as much like iOS as possible, and then marketed it as such...

...Depending on the strength of Samsung’s promised reply and countersuit, my guess is that Apple might be willing to eventually settle the patent claims but will push the trademark and trade dress claims as far as it can - if Apple loses those it’s open season on the iOS aesthetic. You can bet Steve Jobs and Tim Cook aren’t about to let that happen.

Well worth a read over at This is My Next.


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