Apple Scrambling to Secure iPad Content Deals

Apple Scrambling to Secure iPad Content Deals

Be glad that we aren't going to see the Apple iPad locally until June. For those early adopters (hundred of thousands of pre-orders already), the iPad may not have as much content as Apple would like. The company is even now scrambling to sign more partners to bolster its content offerings.

WSJ - Apple Inc. is still trying to secure media content for the iPad with just weeks to go before the tablet computer's release, said people familiar with the matter, as the company tempers some of its initial ambitions for the much-hyped device.

Since the iPad became available for pre-order last Friday, Apple has seen strong demand and sold hundreds of thousands of units, say people familiar with the matter. One of these people said Apple could sell more iPads in the first three months than it sold iPhones in the three months after the smart phone's debut.

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