Apple Rumoured to be Light Peak Early Adopter

Apple Rumoured to be Light Peak Early Adopter

We all know that Intel has a blazing fast connection technology in the works, the optics based Light Peak. What we don't know is when and what products will have this technology, besides Intel's vague talk about 1H 2011. Now, there's a rumor that Apple will be the first to implement Light Peak in its products, perhaps in a MacBook refresh. In any case, we'll know soon whether this is true, but it's another reason why Intel has been dragging its heels on implementing USB 3.0 on its new chipsets.

CNET - Whether the new connector tech will be part of the upcoming MacBook Pro update (rumored to happen February 24) or announced in another context is not clear. Intel has been working on a technology called Light Peak for years and recently said the initial version would be based on copper, as practical realities dictate more conventional technology.

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