Apple Rumored to Reveal iPad Mini on 17 Oct

Apple Rumored to Reveal iPad Mini on 17 Oct


Apple is said to be unveiling the 7.85-inch iPad Mini on 17th October.

Quoting information provided by a major Apple investor who heard it from "multiple sources", Fortune reports that Apple would be sending out invitations on 10th October. Fortune also suggests that it is likely that the iPad Mini will hit retail shelves on 2nd November, if Apple sticks to its standard scheduling protocol.

The iPad Mini is widely believed to resemble a bigger version of the iPod Touch "with smaller bezels along the sides in portrait mode." Apple is also claimed to be increasing production of the iPad Mini to four million units per month starting from September in preparation for a launch in October.

The October time frame is also previously reported by iMore and the Apple watcher also alleges that the iPad Mini will be priced between US$200-US$250. Photos and videos of a dummy iPad Mini have been leaked over the Internet in previous weeks, which go in line with what have been reported so far.

If Apple is indeed launching a 7.85-inch iPad Mini in October, it will be interesting to see how the device fares against the competition which includes the Google Nexus 7 and the new Amazon Kindle Fires.

Source: Fortune via VentureBeat 

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