Apple "Richer" Than U.S Government

Apple "Richer" Than U.S Government

If you need some ammunition to make your case on how Apple is getting too powerful, well here is one for you.

In a report by Canadian broadsheet, the Financial Post, it was revealed that Apple has a cash reserve of US$75.876-billion, compared to the US$73.768-billion available to the U.S goverment.

Unless of course Obama somehow manages to raise the debt ceiling, which is another story for another publication.

Of course this is actually an indication of how much power Apple wields in the tech industry. Over partners, over rivals, over pretty much everyone else.

And when you have this much cash to spend, it also gives you an incredible lead over other manufacturers (provided you spend it wisely of course), thus widening the gap between Apple and its competitors.

So what do you think? Will we be paying the infamous "Apple Tax" on more than just electronics in time to come, now that Apple is "richer" than the most powerful nation in the world?

To read more about it, click here. (Via Gizmodo, Via Financial Post)


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