Apple Q4 Earnings Dip Below Expectations

Apple Q4 Earnings Dip Below Expectations

Apple has just released its Q4 2011 results and much like the response to the launch of its iPhone 4S recently, people expected more than what was delivered. Apple itself had given a conservative estimate of earning US$25 billion, a mark which it easily passed. However, the US$28.27 billion that they posted in revenue is some way off from the US$29.5 billion that was expected by the business analysts.

The major cause for the low postings is said to be slowed down growth of sales for the iPhone 4, which is to be expected. After all, the iPhone 4 is 16 months old, and there's a slew of dual-core, super-fast, and super-slim competing smartphones entering the market. The rumors leading up to the launch of the iPhone 4S was also cited as a reason for the declining sales. 

However, Apple seems poised to do well in the coming months. The figures from Apple's fourth quarter report show a record number of Macs being sold while the iPad 2 sales still continues to exceed expectations. More importantly, with the iPhone 4S being launched and Siri causing quite a stir, you can bet your bottom dollar that normal service will resume post haste. Some are even predicting US$40 billion for the next quarter.

Source: Apple (via TechCrunch)

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