Apple May Drop NVIDIA for Intel's Sandy Bridge

Apple May Drop NVIDIA for Intel's Sandy Bridge

Due to the licensing issue between NVIDIA and Intel, and Apple's need for NVIDIA's CUDA and OpenCL support, the Cupertino firm has not exactly embraced Intel's latest processors for all its products. The new MacBook Air for instance is using a Core 2 Duo processor, which while still competent, doesn't look too good for the company. Hence, there are sufficient reasons to believe that Apple may finally make the switch next year, with the coming of Intel's new Sandy Bridge processors with integrated graphics.

Ars Technica - Apple has so far resisted using Intel's current-generation processors in its smallest notebooks due to inferior graphics performance, lack of OpenCL support, and engineering constraints. CNET's sources claim, however, that Apple is impressed with the performance of Sandy Bridge's IGP, and that Intel plans to support OpenCL in some form, which would allow Apple to maintain OpenCL support across its entire computer line.

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