Apple MacBook Air Refresh Imminent

Apple MacBook Air Refresh Imminent

There are some of us who still remember the day Steve Jobs pulled an ultra-thin notebook out of a manila envelope, and thought to themselves: "This is the future of portable computing!" Ever since that day, pretenders have been coming and going trying to get the portability bit just right, while the MacBook Air quietly became cheaper and more powerful. This year is no different.

According to Concord Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, who had been contacted by, Apple's Macbook Air is facing an imminent refresh. While the refresh itself is expected, details regarding the refresh have been scant. But Kuo -- who had previous predictions come true before -- did an industry check and found out Apple will not be ordering certain parts used in the current line-up of Macbook Airs.

Some of the more notable predictions include the buffing up in the RAM department, and the use of larger SSD drives. Although it is beyond doubt that Apple will be using the new Sandy Bridge processors, Kuo managed to pinpoint the exact processor models the MBAs will be using. These low-voltage processors will increase the portability of the Macbook Air significantly, raising computing brawn as well as sucking less electricity.

Also expected to debut with the new Macbook Airs, is the latest iteration of Apple's operating system -- OS X Lion. This version of Apple's highly successful operating system will bring users closer to the iOS experience. For better or for worse, it is anyone's call.

Source: AppleInsider

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