Apple iPhone Event Confirmed for 4th Oct

Apple iPhone Event Confirmed for 4th Oct

There's no doubting it: Apple will be announcing the iPhone on 4th October. Question is, how many iPhones will be announced?

Various media have received the invite in the most simple form: a picture depicting the date (4th October), time (10am US time), the location (a map icon that signifies Apple's campus at 1 Infinite Loop next to Route 280) and finally, a phone icon.

Of course, if those four icons aren't indicative enough, the words are spelt out clearly: "Let's talk iPhone." which should be a huge hint.

However, some Slashgear readers have seen something interesting: the number one on the phone icon, which could mean just one iPhone being announced. Earlier rumors have pointed to two possible iPhones, one of which is supposedly a more affordable version dubbed as the iPhone 4S while the improved iPhone will be slated as iPhone 5.

But, this is Apple. Nothing's for sure till the event happens, on 4th Oct in the US.

Source: Slashgear

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