Apple iPhone 5 Plagued with Chipping Problems

Apple iPhone 5 Plagued with Chipping Problems


With the crazy lines and the hype dying down somewhat, here's a piece of news that new iPhone 5 users might not want to hear. According to the interweb, many new and "happy" owners, particularly of the Black & Slate variant, are reporting "dents and scratches along the chamfered edges of their new iPhone right out of the box".

The white version faces the same issue as well but is not as widely reported due to smaller buyer interest. GSMArena has some theories about the situation:

GSMArena - "Now, anodized aluminum is known to pick up scuff marks easily. Because the color is painted on top, even a minor scuff can make it come off, revealing a shiny silver spot below. Also, aluminum is a soft metal, so it dents very easily, especially along thin edges. You'll find scuffs and dents on practically every anodized aluminum object that has been used for a while."

Does this point to poor quality checks on Apple's part? We sure hope not. As with what HTC did with the chipping issue on the One S, we are hoping that Apple will address this problem with an official statement soon.

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