Apple iPhone 5 Might Not Appear at WWDC 2011

Apple iPhone 5 Might Not Appear at WWDC 2011

As of now, this news is still under debate, but various sources from All Things D and Engadget are speculating that the iPhone 5 might not make an appearance at Apple's annual Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC). Instead, WWDC will now be solely focused on the unveiling of Apple's future iOS and OS X. In spite of this, earlier reports of Apple's iOS 5 being delayed to fall could still happen, if Apple only plans to provide a preview of the new iOS and holding off the general availability till a later date.

Engadget - By now you've seen the announcement for WWDC 2011 (coming June 6th), but what you may not have heard yet is that this one is going to be a little different than some of the dev cons from years past. Namely, unlike the events in 2008 through 2010, you won't see the announcement of a new iPhone (or iPad... or anything else hardware related). We're hearing the same kind of chatter from sources that solid writers like Jim Dalrymple of The Loop and All Thing D's John Paczkowski have been reporting today -- that this WWDC is going to be all about the future of iOS and OS X.

For now, let us manage our expectations, and as the date draws closer, we should have more information regarding the iPhone 5. Should it not appear, there's always the September period, where Apple traditionally announces its refreshed iPod series, which is now slowly dominated by the sales of its iPhone.

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