Apple iPhone 4S Price Plans for M1 Announced

Apple iPhone 4S Price Plans for M1 Announced

Following up with the contract-free prices for the Apple iPhone 4S in Singapore, M1 also announced the prices of the iPhone 4S with a 2-year contract on its website. The Singapore telco will be hosting a midnight launch event at its flagship M1 store at Paragon. If you are not in that much of a rush to lay your hands on the iPhone 4S at the stroke of midnight, M1 shops and its exclusive distributors will be open for business at 7am on the same day.

iPhone Price Plans iPhone Value iPhone Lite iPhone Extreme iPhone Max
Subscription S$36 S$56 S$98 S$198
Local Calls 100 mins 300 mins 700 mins Unlimited
Local SMS/MMS 500 500 500 2000

Local Data Bundle (Up to 14.4Mbps)

12GB (Excess data usage capped at S$30) Unlimited Unlimited
iPhone 4S 16GB S$505 S$235 S$0 S$0
iPhone 4S 32GB S$630 S$370 S$70 S$0
iPhone 4S 64GB S$770 S$510 S$210 S$115

The accompanying price plans are basically the same from last year's iPhone 4S launch, though the data bundle has been reflected to support download speeds of 14.4Mbps according to the iPhone 4S and its new HSDPA speeds. Do note that the download speeds are dependent on the coverage strength of the area you're in, and is applicable only to new sign-ups and recontracts.

Prices for the iPhone 4S with a 2-year contract will vary according to the price plan signed. For those who are looking at the 16GB version, prices will start from S$0 for the high-tier plans at $98/month and S$198/month, with a price of S$505 and S$235 tagged to the new iPhone with a S$36/month or S$56/month plan respectively.

Both SingTel and StarHub have not revealed their prices for the iPhone 4S at this point in time, though it is unlikely that there will be a huge difference in pricing from both telcos.

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