Apple iPhone 4S Up for Pre-Order in Singapore

Apple iPhone 4S Up for Pre-Order in Singapore

Apple's upcoming iPhone 4S is now up for pre-order in Singapore, with prices starting from S$948 for the 16GB version. If you're gunning for a higher storage capacity, the 32GB and 64GB versions will be selling for S$1088 and S$1238 respectively.

You'll notice that a 16GB increase from the low to mid-range storage option will cost you an additional S$140. The 64GB option gives you an additional 48GB worth of storage from its lowest storage option, for just S$290. To put it simply, we recommend either the 16GB or 64GB option for the best price-to-storage ratio. Do note that there is a limit to two iPhones per customer.

The new iPhone comes with two notable hardware upgrades - a new dual-core Apple A5 processor and an 8-megapixel camera. If you're looking for a RAM upgrade, a teardown done by iFixit revealed the same RAM capacity of 512MB loaded within the iPhone 4S. Software-wise, Apple's updated iOS 5 will be pre-loaded within the iPhone 4S, and the Siri voice assistant will be exclusive to the updated iPhone.

During Apple's earlier announcement, Singapore was placed amongst the second wave of countries to receive the iPhone 4S from 28th October. Telcos such as SingTel and M1 have launched a registration site and also reflected the availability of the iPhone 4S on 28th October. The accompanying price plans with a 2-year contract haven't been revealed by the three telcos just yet.

If you're not too eager to fork out that much cash for the iPhone 4S, with or without a 2-year contract, do note that the more affordable 8GB iPhone 4 and its accompanying price plans from all three telcos have been announced.


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