Apple iPhone 4 Press Conference in a Nutshell

Apple iPhone 4 Press Conference in a Nutshell

Well, Apple's iPhone 4 press conference has ended, and what are the key highlights that will affect us here in Singapore? Firstly, let's talk about the availability - the next batch of iPhone 4 will be going out to another 16 countries, one of which is Singapore, by 30th July. The question is, which telco or telcos will be bringing in the iPhone 4? We'll probably hear more news very soon.

Also, Apple has made its decision to provide free cases for all existing iPhone 4 purchases. Due to the possible overwhelming demand for the cases, Apple will give consumers the option to decide which cases you prefer, and send it to you if you purchase the iPhone before 30th September. Will this policy be in effect for the 30th July batch of iPhone 4 in Singapore, and what will be the stance after 30th September? We are currently in touch with Apple for more details regarding the local availability, and will provide more updates as soon as it's available.

Finally, the white iPhone 4. It will be shipping by end July, and likewise, we are also checking if the white version will be available upon the 30th July launch.

So in the meantime, if you're interested to see the whole press conference, check out the posted video on Apple's website here.

And Apple has also posted a special page depicting the smartphone antenna's performance, which you can read over here.

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