Apple to Hold Separate Events for the iPhone 5 and iPad Mini?

Apple to Hold Separate Events for the iPhone 5 and iPad Mini?

Will Apple be preparing for two different events - one to announce their flagship iPhone 5 and the other to unveil the "mythical" iPad Mini? A new report from Daring Fireball's John Gruber has alleged that Apple will only announce its small tablet option during the first or second week of October and not on the 12th of Sept as earlier speculated.

Daring Fireball - "I’m thinking it makes more sense for Apple to hold two events. First, an iPhone event, focused solely on the new iPhone and iOS 6. Then, the iPhone ships nine days later, and there’s another wave of iPhone-focused attention as the reviews come out. Then, in the first or second week of October, Apple holds its traditional “music event”, exactly along the lines of the events at which they’ve been debuting new iPods for the last decade."

Gruber's statement has been (sort of) backed up by The Loop's Jim Darlymple's cryptic response: "Oh that Gruber is a smart fellow,” According to both TechnoBuffalo and 9to5Mac, Darlymple’s responses "have historically had some backing from Apple PR”, pointing to the possibility of Apple holding two separate events this time round.

Source: 9to5Mac and Daring Fireball via TechnoBuffalo

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