Apple Getting Serious about Broadcast?

Apple Getting Serious about Broadcast?

Paul McCartney is performing on the 9th of February 2012 to generate hype for his new album Kisses On The Bottom. That in itself is not very newsworthy from a tech angle. Artists and musicians perform and release new material all the time. However what is interesting is Apple's dealing with the show.

The concert will be broadcast live via iTunes, a feat that has been accomplished before. But for the very first time, the content will also be available to AppleTV users. Apple is not charging for viewing the event and may be using the exercise to gauge the public's level of interest in receiving live content on their digital media receiver.

Everyone knows what happened when Apple decided a better way to distribute music must be accomplished and implemented. iTunes is for all effects and purposes the premier platform for distribution and purchase of music. If Apple is serious about streamlining broadcast in a similar way then the industry players better sit up and take notice.

Going forward, two avenues are open for exploration to Apple. Either they can decide to launch their own TV subscription service after hammering out deals with content providers, or go ahead and allow third parties to push their own live content onto their AppleTV platform in the form of apps. We will have to wait and see which route Apple decides to take in the future.

Source: iTunes via Arstechnica

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