Apple Files Another Lawsuit Against Samsung in the Netherlands

Apple Files Another Lawsuit Against Samsung in the Netherlands


The enmity between Apple and Samsung is set to build up after Apple filed a new lawsuit in Netherlands, seeking an injunction against Samsung's smartphones and tablets.

According to AppleInsider, the latest lawsuit is more extensive the one filed in Germany, where Apple claimed that Samsung illegally copied the iPad design for the Galaxy Tab 10.1 and banned its sales. Apple now demands in its new lawsuit a ban on the sales of all Samsung's smartphones and tablets running the Google Android platform in the Netherlands. It also requires Samsung to do a complete recall of all affected Samsung devices from European distributors and resellers, which will affect its entire supply chain in Europe.

If Apple gets its way in the court again, Samsung's days in the European market will be numbered. Having declared its support for HTC in its patent dispute with Apple, we wonder if Google will intervene this time, especially when it recently acquired Motorola Mobility and its 17,000 patents, and Samsung being one of its biggest Android supporters. 

Source: AppleInsider

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