Apple COO Tim Cook Labels Current Android Tablets as Bizarre

Apple COO Tim Cook Labels Current Android Tablets as Bizarre

While numbers and figures were reported during Apple's announcement of its Q1 financial results, the best part came from the Q & A, where Apple's COO Tim Cook (who is standing in for Steve Jobs during his second medical leave of absence). Responding to questions of competition for the Cupertino-based company's Apple iPad, Cook saw the current Android tablets as a bizarre product category, which is essentially a scaled-up smartphone that is using an operating system not designed for tablets.

Engadget - Apple's COO (and current Steve Jobs stand-in) Tim Cook thinks "there's not much" competition to the company's iPad tablet. When queried about Apple's view on what the rest of the market offers, Cook was brutally candid in describing Windows-driven machines as generally being big, heavy and expensive, while current generations of Android-based slates are in his opinion merely "scaled-up smartphones."

Besides Google Android, Cook also touched on tablets that utilize Microsoft's Windows platform, stating it as "big and heavy and expensive". However, it was also reiterated that on their own, Apple has created an integrated approach that has a far greater advantage than the fragmented apps store that have popped up recently.

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