Apple Broadens Patent Violation Complaint Against Samsung

Apple Broadens Patent Violation Complaint Against Samsung

In April, Apple accused Samung of stealing ideas for their iPad and iPhone with references made to Samsung's Galaxy Tab and Galaxy S smartphones. Fresh out of a recent settlement with Nokia, the Cuptertino camp has ramped up its patent violation complaint against the Korean firm with the inclusion of the Nexus 4G, Sidekick, Galaxy Tab 10.1, Droid Charge and eight other devices to the infringed list.

Top Tech News - With more than $70 billion in cash, Apple could buy out struggling Research In Motion, Nokia, Motorola and HTC. But for now the iPhone maker is setting its sights on putting the kibosh on Samsung's mobile phone designs. Apple on Thursday amended the complaint it filed against Samsung in April. Apple still maintains that the mobile-device maker is using too many Apple ideas in its products. But Apple has found something more to beef about.

It's unclear how Samsung would react to Apple's broadened complaint. On a related note, it is interesting that both Apple and Nokia believe Google is the real culprit for "stealing" ideas from the two tech giants. More on this story here

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