Apple Becomes the World's Most Valued Brand

Apple Becomes the World's Most Valued Brand

Apple has increased in value by a staggering 859 percent since 2006 and has now become the world's most valued brand. As of now, the company is estimated to be worth a jaw-dropping US$153.3 billion.

Commissioned by WPP and conducted by Millward Brown Optimor, the study conducted by BrandZ uses the dollar value of companies and analysis based on financial data coupled with consumer measures of brand equity to determine the rank and order of brands. - The Most Valuable Global Brands 2011
Rank     Brand            Value in $ million      Change from 2010
1            Apple 1            53,285                      +84%
2            Google           111,498                        -2%
3            IBM                  100,849                    +17%
4            McDonald’s      81,016                      +23%
5            Microsoft           78,243                       +2%
6            Coca-Cola        73,752                       +8%
7            at&t                     69,916                         -
8            Marlboro            67,522                     +18%
9            China Mobile    57,326                        +9%
10          GE                      50,318                      +12%

Google had reigned supreme over the last four years but with a slew of brilliant gadgets over the past few years that have cornered the mobile and tablet industry, Apple has finally assumed pole position.

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