Apple and Microsoft Get More Ammunition for Patent Suits

Apple and Microsoft Gets More Ammunition for Patent Suits

With the green light given to the Rockstar Bidco consortium, which includes tech giants like Apple, Microsoft and RIM, to purchase Nortel's patent trove for US$4.5 billion, it's beginning to look like Google and its Android partners will be hit with more patent lawsuits in the near-future. Both Apple and Microsoft have been very quick to engage in patent related litigation recently, with HTC one of the more prominent targets. Will Google finally step in to defend its partners? 

PC Magazine - The approval by the Ontario Superior Court of Justice and the U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the District of Delaware gives the stamp of approval for about 6,000 wireless patents to be transferred over Rockstar Bidco, the group that also included EMC Corp, Ericsson and Sony Corp. Delaware bankruptcy judge Kevin Gross said it would be a "$4.5 billion mistake" not to approve the sale, according to Reuters.

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