Apple to Add 15-inch MacBook Air?

Apple to Add 15-inch MacBook Air?

According to Taiwanese manufacturing news portal Digitimes, Apple will be launching new iterations of their MacBook Air line in Q1 2012. Their upstream supply chain sources say that this new MBA series will compete directly against the Ultrabooks from PC vendors.

Whether or not we will see new designs in the MacBook Air line is still unknown. But sources are saying that the related manufacturers upstream have already started pilot production of the new MBA models.

To also pull themselves further ahead of the PC manufacturers who just started getting into the ultra thin notebook segment, Apple will also reportedly added a 15-inch model into the MacBook Air lineup.

We've been hearing this rumor since July, but as we get closer to its actual release date, the picture is starting to look clearer. Instead of flattening the MacBook Pros, Apple seems to be adding an extra size to complement its 11-inch and 13-inch MacBook Air models.

Digitimes also backed up their conjecture by adding that when Apple wants to add new models, current models will go on sale, and pointed out the year-end holiday discounts that retailers in the US and Europe are giving out.

US technology site, The Verge, also noted the feasibility of launch in early 2012, stating that Q1 2012 is also the period where Intel's more powerful 22nm Ivy Bridge processors will arrive in stores.

Source: Digitimes (Via The Verge)

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