Angry Birds Coming to Windows Phone 7

Angry Birds Coming to Windows Phone 7

Early adopters of Microsoft's Windows Phone 7 platform will get a treat very soon. The popular bird tossing, pig smacking game, Angry Birds, has been officially announced for Microsoft's mobile OS. And with it, a whole slew of games that have made a name for itself on the other mobile platforms. The list includes Plants vs Zombies, Doodle Jump and even Sonic the Hedgehog 4 Episode I.

Windows Phone Blog - Flock yeah! Angry Birds, the smash-hit smartphone game, is headed for Marketplace—and that’s for starters. Microsoft today announced its new spring lineup of games for the phone and it includes titles that I’m sure are on many of your wish lists. Besides Angry Birds, the other games are:

Doodle Jump
Plants vs Zombies
Hydro Thunder Go
Sonic the Hedgehog 4 Episode I

It is heartening to see that the Windows Phone 7 platform is gaining traction on the gaming front. As they say, better late than never, and you can expect these games on your Windows Phone 7 device from April 6th.

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