Androids Hired to Build iPhones

Androids Hired to Build iPhones

In a report that first appeared on Chinese news outlet,, the founder and chairman of Foxconn revealed that the company will replace real workers with 1 million robots within the next three years.

The Taiwanese company's rationale for getting all these robots, is to combat rising labour costs (and probably suicides).

Efficiency is also another reason cited for the move towards automation.

Menial tasks like spraying welding and assembling are some of the tasks that will be taken over.

What we don't know is how many people will be affected by the increase in robotic labour.

Seeing the recent demand for Apple products, it would make sense for Foxconn to use the robots (which are faster and more precise at everything) to increase production volume exponentially.

Robots are also less prone to depression, shrug off abysmal working conditions and harbour no suicide tendencies.

According to Foxconn currently employs 10,000 robots, 1.2 million human beings, with 1 million of those humans based in China.

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