Android Market Paid Apps Coming Soon to Singapore

Android Market Paid Apps Coming Soon to Singapore

After a really, really long waiting time, users of Android mobile phones in Singapore can finally celebrate as Google seems to have expanded the list of countries that can access the paid section of the Android market. If your phone is rooted, Market Enabler set to the local telcos will let you see the paid apps. If your phone isn't rooted though, you probably have to wait a little bit more. It's been a long time coming, and we're glad it's finally here. Rejoice everyone (well everyone using Android phones, that is)!

Distimo - Until recently, paid applications were supported in only 14 of the 48 available Google Android Market countries. It seems that Google just started to expand the set of countries where paid applications are available.

Over the last weekend, we have seen 13 new countries where paid content has been added to the Android Market:
* Argentina
* Belgium
* Brazil
* Finland
* Hong Kong
* Israel
* Mexico
* Poland
* Romania
* Russia
* Slovakia
* Singapore
* South Africa

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