Android Market Now Has 400,000 Apps Available

Android Market Now with Over 400,000 Apps

A recent report from app analytical firm Distimo revealed that Google's Android Market now has over 400,000 apps available, inching closer to the 500,000 active apps in Apple's App Store.

2011 was a good year for Android; the Android Market hit the 200,000 apps mark in April 2011, and hit the 300,000 milestone four months later, in August 2011.

Even though it took the Android Market 31 months to hit the 200,000 mark while Apple took 22 months, growth from the 200,000 mark proved to be slower for Apple. It took eight more months for Apple to surpass 300,000 apps in its App Store after hitting 200,000 apps, while Android took half the time to hit the 300,000 milestone.

The major contributors to Android's app milestone were the number of free applications found in the Android Market. Free apps made up 60 percent of the Android Market in April 2011, while by the end of 2011 the percentage increased to 68 percent.

Free apps are abundant in Android as Android has adopted the freemium business model, where users purchase additional content not found in the basic, free version of the app.

Source: Distimo via Digital Trends

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