Android Honeycomb Requiring Dual-Core Processors - Truth or Myth?

Android Honeycomb Requiring Dual-Core Processors - Truth or Myth?

CES 2011 seems to be the playground for tablets. This is especially important for Google when it officially showcases its latest Google Android 3.0 OS. However, the OS, codenamed Honeycomb, might throw some of its partners off track if talks of it requiring a dual-core processor to support it is true.

Engadget - Often when you hear minimum spec doom and gloom, it proves to be wildly inaccurate, or only part of the picture. This time, however, it's worth a closer look. PC Magazine's Sascha Segan is confidently citing the director of Enspert, a Korean consumer electronics company (which recently announced its own Android tablet), who claims that Honeycomb will require a dual-core ARM Cortex-A9 processor.

As it is, there has been no official word from Google about the minimum requirements for its Honeycomb OS. But it wouldn't surprise us if the optimum specifications would include a dual-core processor, given the demonstration that Andy Rubin gave earlier on with the prototype Motorola tablet. With its graphics intensive UI, perhaps it would be wise to turn to NVIDIA's Tegra 2 or even the newer generation of Qualcomm chips to run Android 3.0.

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