Android-Based RedPad Tablet to Cater to Chinese Officials

Android-Based RedPad Tablet to Cater to Chinese Officials

It's not a stretch to say that the RedPad Number One tablet is possibly the most expensive and controversial tablet in all history. The Android tablet is said to retail at 9,999 yuan (US$1600), a price that's twice of Apple's popular and most expensive iPad 2. Why so expensive? According to a RedPad Number One tablet representative, it is because the gadget comes with specific pre-installed apps that cater to bureaucrats and state-owned company managers. According to Reuters, these apps allow users to "check the validity of a journalist's government accreditation", "read state-run newspapers and microblogs", "verify identification cards, read the blogs of cadres and manage state-owned firms".

The tablet has since been a point of contention amongst Chinese netizens who have largely split into two camps; an online survey showed that while more than 2,000 netizens believed that the RedPad was meant to represent privilege, another 1,500 saw it as an "excuse" to squander away tax payers' contributions. To add salt to injury, the RedPad is emblazoned with the Communist slogan "Serve the People" on the back of each tablet.

Sources: Reuters, ChinaSmack

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