Analyst Predicts Decline of Apple's Ultra-Thin Notebook Market Share

Analyst Predicts Decline of Apple's Ultra-Thin Notebook Market Share

According to PC World, International Strategy and Investment Group (ISI) Analyst, Brian Marshall, said that Apple will begin to lose their stranglehold on the ultra portable notebook (with the Macbook Air) segment in 2012.

Marshall estimated that Apple will sell more Macbook Airs in 2012 as compared to 2011, but Apple's dominance in the ultra-thin-and-light segment will slide dramatically once PC manufacturers like Lenovo and HP start cranking up Ultrabook production to meet estimated increases in demand in 2012.

The analyst expects Windows 8 to boost Ultrabook sales in 2012, but insists that success will ultimately be dependent on price. The sweet spot that Marshall thinks that Ultrabooks should cost, is about 30% less than Apple's base Macbook Air price of US$999.

If PC makers can bring down prices to that level, they will threaten Apple's current near-monopoly on the category. "Whereas Apple dominates the tablet market with iPad, we think the Windows ecosystem in ultrabooks could pose a more difficult challenge for Apple than the Android ecosystem did in tablets," said Marshall.

Marshall also added that 2012's Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas -- where almost 50 Ultrabooks will be unveiled --  will reveal critical clues that will define 2012 Ultrabook trends.

Source: PC World

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