AMD's Upcoming Mobile APUs Revealed in Leaked Roadmap

AMD's Upcoming Mobile APUs Revealed in Leaked Roadmap

In a leaked AMD roadmap dated July of this year, the details of Llano's successor, the Trinity has been revealed. Both duo core and quad core versions of the A-series Trinity APU will begin production in January 2012. They will be made available on the Comal notebook platform. They will share the stage with the existing Sabine platform. They have the same naming convention as Llano and AMD will also introduce a variant E2-series but its production date is not revealed in the roadmap . The Trinity APUs will be paired with AMD's existing Fusion Control Hubs, the A60M and A70M FCH.

They will also come with a graphic refresh codenamed "London" and its Piledriver cores are variants of enhanced variants of the new 32nm Bulldozer core found on the upcoming FX Series for desktop PCs. The lower end versions of the Trinity APUs; the A4 and E2-series will share the limelight with Wichita and Krishna of the Deccan platform. They will be replacing Brazos' Zacate and Ontario chips respectively and they shared the same E-Series and C-Series brand names. Wichita and Krishna are slated for launch in the second quarter of 2012.

In the ultra low power segment AMD is releasing Hondo, which is a successor to Desna featuring two Bobcat cores and Loveland graphics. The leaked information also contained AMD's outlook for 2013 when Trinity's successor, Kaveri featuring Steamroller CPU cores, will be launched. Kabini; featuring get three Jaguar cores, will replace Wichita and Krishna APUs, while the tablet-oriented Samara replaces Hondo. Samara will feature Jaguar CPU cores and is presented on the Salton FCH. We believe that there may more details to be revealed in the near future to complement the information gleaned from this leaked roadmap; hence, do watch this space for more developments.

For more information, please follow this link to view the leaked roadmap.

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