AMD Top 8-core Processor to Cost US$320

AMD Top 8-core Processor to Cost US$320

The bad news about AMD's upcoming 8-core FX series of processors aka Zambezi is that the launch has been delayed to late summer 2011, which points to an August debut. The good news is that AMD recently told reporters that it expects to price its top 8-core model, the FX-8130P will have a street price of US$320. This model has a clock speed of 3.8GHz, with a Turbo Mode speed of up to 4.2GHz. It also puts it directly against Intel's top Sandy Bridge CPU at the moment, the Core i7-2600K and provides an estimate on its performance level.

Bright Side of News - In a straight talk, AMD confirmed that the pricing for FX series is going to be extremely aggressive, with their king of the hill processor, the FX-8130P coming with a street price of $320. While AMD does not want to detail the clock speeds, FX-8130P was supposed to come with a 3.8GHz core clock and Turbo 2.0 mode at 4.2GHz in 105W ACP / 130W TDP

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