AMD Reveals Tablet Plans for 2012-2013

AMD Reveals Tablet Plans for 2012-2013


The increasing popularity of tablet devices has attracted Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) to make its first move into the market starting this year. 

According to Slash Gear, AMD will be releasing its first tablet accelerated processing unit (APU), codenamed Hondo sometime this year. Built on a 40-nm manufacturing process, Hondo will have one to two Bobcat cores and feature ultra low power consumption. It will make its debut on Windows 8 tablets in the coming months. Its successor, Temash, is planned for a launch in 2013 and will sport the new Jaguar processing cores. 

AMD's entry into the tablet market is going to face stiff competition, one of which is its main rival Intel. The company's Medfield processor, which is designed with Android smartphones and tablets in mind, is already in the production stage and will be available in the market by the first half of this year. Acer and Lenovo are also said to be considering Intel's upcoming "Clover Trail" processors as they offer better performance with more efficient power consumption.

Meanwhile, ARM-based processors from the likes of Qualcomm and NVIDIA have been dominating the smartphone and tablets market in 2011. The former launched its latest ARM-based Snapdragon S4 processors that will power the next generation of smart devices including TVs, ultra compact notebooks, smartphones and tablets.

NVIDIA already has a head start with its Tegra 2 processors powering most Android tablets in 2011. This year, we have seen its latest Tegra 3 quad-core processor running in the ASUS Eee Pad Transformer Prime, and will come to more tablets and smartphones within 2012. 

Source: Venture Beat via Slash Gear 

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