AMD Reveals its 2012-2013 Roadmap, Will Focus on APUs and Less on Desktops CPUs

AMD Roadmaps in Detail


AMD Desktop Roadmap 2012-2013

With its support for heterogeneous computing, AMD will continue to blur the line between desktop and mobile computing by offering both CPUs and APUs for desktop computing solutions.


AMD Server Roadmap 2012-2013

According to figures provided by AMD, the server market segment's growth is almost slightly less than twice that of the desktop segment. The company's roadmap shows its has processors that target main servers to low-power ones.


Discrete Graphics and APUs 2012-2013

The APUs from AMD will only make their transition to the 28nm fabrication process next year whilst the company is already shipping its 28nm Southern Island GPUs since the start of the year.

By 2013, with the exception of the server CPUs, the rest of the offerings from AMD will migrate to the 28nm fabrication process. One of the touted advantages of the new fabrication process is its higher yield rates that translate to lower production costs. This will definitely help AMD to see through its renewed strategies for targeting the flourishing markets segments of mobile computing.

(Source: Engadget, AMD)

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