AMD Resigns from BAPco over SYSmark12 Concerns

AMD Resigns from BAPco over SYSmark12 Concerns

AMD had previously voiced concerns that one of the heavyweight benchmarks used by many, including reviewers like us, SYSmark, comprises of unrepresentative workloads that ignore the trend of heterogeneous computing, aka the rise in importance of GPU computing. Nevertheless, the company had stayed within BAPco, the industry organization that creates SYSmark in a bid to effect change from within. But not anymore. AMD has resigned from BAPco, citing that it had failed to change the weighting of the latest version of the benchmark, SYSmark12. NVIDIA and VIA have also resigned, though unlike AMD, neither companies have released any statements at this moment.

AnandTech - Today, AMD has announced that they are resigning from BAPCo over a long standing dispute over the weighting of scores within the SYSmark suite. AMD specifically references SYSmark 2012 (SM12), but there have been complaints in the past and the latest release is apparently the proverbial straw that broke the camel’s back.

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