AMD Introduces Six New Processors

AMD Introduces Six New Processors

Despite indications that AMD has a 'Thuban' based Phenom II X4 960T that could be unlocked to a 6-core processor with the proper motherboards, it appears that it may just be an engineering sample and not for retail. The chip giant has unveiled six more new processors, all of which belong to the Athlon II family and all boasting a small increase in clock speeds over older Athlon IIs.

Tech Report - Not long after the introduction of its Phenom II X6 six-core processors, AMD has decided to freshen up its lower-end Athlon II lineup with a series of speed increases today. This total lineup refresh is similar to incremental steps forward AMD has taken in the past. The top product of each type gets a very minor 100MHz bump in clock frequency, and that new model steps into the highest existing price point. To make room, the remaining models will then drop down a notch to a lower price.

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