AMD Fusion APUs and Radeon Graphics Cards Accelerate IE9

AMD Fusion APUs and Radeon Graphics Cards Accelerate IE9

AMD’s unrivaled APUs and discrete graphics technologies work in parallel with Internet Explorer 9 to unlock the full potential of the PC

AMD announced that the new Internet Explorer 9 from Microsoft is accelerated by the AMD Fusion Family of Accelerated Processing Units (APUs) and AMD Radeon graphics cards, helping to deliver the next-generation Web to consumers. AMD Fusion APU based-systems make browsing fast and more like a desktop application experience with exceptional speed of response, vivid graphics and outstanding animation quality. The public version of Internet Explorer 9 is available for download from Microsoft now.

AMD-Powered Web Experience

AMD graphics technology combines unique features with incredible performance that results in the best possible experience. AMD addresses every segment of the PC market through AMD CPUs, world-class discrete graphics, and a wide range of PC platforms powered by innovative AMD Fusion APUs.

Because AMD Fusion APUs are designed to enable an HD 2.0 experience and unsurpassed quality in online video and entertainment without sacrificing battery life, PCs powered by APUs are ideal for web browsing with Internet Explorer 9.

Internet Explorer 9 is the latest application to take advantage of AMD’s advanced GPU compute technology. A host of multimedia, gaming, and productivity applications also deliver immersive computing experiences and vivid visual entertainment with the help of AMD’s superior graphics.

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