Amazon Releases New Wi-Fi Only Kindle

Amazon Releases New Wi-Fi Only Kindle

Those who have switched over to ebooks can rejoice now that Amazon has released a new, less expensive Kindle. The Wi-Fi only version of this new Kindle goes for US$139, while the 3G and Wi-Fi version remains at US$189. Not only that, the new version has undergone some slight tweaks and is now 21% smaller and 15% lighter. 

Ars Technica - Amazon is once again dropping the price of the Kindle, but this time, the Kindle is coming with a makeover as well. The company is introducing a WiFi-only version of the popular e-book reader that will debut at $139, with the WiFi + 3G version remaining at $189. The device will also come with the updated e-ink screen that its bigger brother, the Kindle DX, got earlier this month, and will now come in two colors: graphite and white.

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