Amazon Patents "1-Nod" Ordering System

Amazon Patents "1-Nod" Ordering System

Amazon already has its famous "1-click" order, but its CEO, Jeff Bezos, is seeking to patent a new system, dubbed "Movement recognition as input mechanism", that would allow users to easily order items using a nod of the head or even a smile.

Techflash - Some excerpts from the patent application:

"For example, if the user wishes to purchase an item, the user can perform an action such as nodding his or her head up and down to indicate that the user would like to purchase the item."

"If the user wishes to buy more than one item, the user can indicate a quantity to be purchased or otherwise consumed, such as by holding up a number of fingers to represent the desired quantity."

While this does sound intriguing, we can't help but think of the many ways such a system could go wrong. Really, what's wrong with the "1-click" system in the first place? To read the original story, click here.

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