Amazon Launches Silk Browser

Amazon Launches Silk Browser


Besides the new Kindle Fire, Kindle Touch and Touch 3G devices, Amazon also launched its own browser, Amazon Silk that is designed to offer an optimized web surfing experience on the Kindle Fire tablet. 

According to SlashGear, the Silk browser promises accelerated Internet surfing using a combination of caching, compressing and other technologies. It also optimizes multimedia content - a 3MB photo from the web can be compressed to 50KB before it is sent to the Kindle Fire. This will mean faster loading times as it requires less bandwidth.

The Silk browser also incorporates user-behavior predictive technologies that can monitor and compile users' web surfing habits. It then uses the data to predict and preload the web page you want to see. 

Amazon is not only planning to undercut the competition in the tablet market with its Kindle Fire tablet, it is also turning up the heat on other mobile browsers such as SkyFire and Opera. 

Source: SlashGear

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