Alleged Photos of LG's Nexus Phone Disclosed

Alleged Photos of LG's Nexus Phone Disclosed


*Update: More images of the device without its dummy case appear on Russian forum Baraholka Onliner. Hit the source link below for more images.

The first images of LG's Nexus phone surface today, which gives us a preview of what to expect when it is announced in November. 

According to Android Central, an anonymous tipster sent them some images of what seem to be the next Nexus phone. The alleged phone sports a black chassis that bears some resemblance to the LG Optimus G. The phone appears to be running on stock Android version 4.1.2 Jelly Bean.

Its model number, "Full JellyBean on Mako" hints that we are indeed looking at an actual Nexus phone as previous Nexus devices are known to have codenames associated with fishes. For those who are wondering what mako is, it is actually a shark found in tropical and temperate seas which is sought after for its fighting qualities.

The LG's Nexus phone is said to be based on the design of the Optimus G and comes with impressive specs such as a Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 quad-core processor, 2GB RAM and a True HD IPS display.

Google is also rumored to be embarking on a new Nexus programme where any manufacturer can make a Nexus device. Samsung, Sony, LG and HTC are said to be "potential partners" in the new programme, and are alleged to launch one Nexus device each later this year.

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