Ainol Tablet Going for US$99

Ainol Tablet Going for US$99

The HP TouchPad fire sale gave us our first US$99 priced tablet, although external factors had a hand in the low retail value. The Kindle Fire tablet came along and went on sale for US$199 giving everyone a taste of low priced tablets. And now Ainol's Novo7 has gone one better and will be entering the US market this winter at a starting price of just US$99.

Amazingly the low price has been achieved without sacrificing hardware to a great extent. The Novo7 boasts a 7-inch multi-touch screen and an MIPS XBurst 1GHz processor to run operations. Like other tablets, the Novo7 has rear and front facing cameras which record 1080p video. Ports for USB 2.0, HDMI 1.3 and microSD are also available. To top it all off, the Novo7 also runs Ice Cream Sandwich and the fact has been certified by Google itself.

Decent specifications and its price will definitely make the  Novo7 very attractive to consumers. But with tablets, it is important to remember that the user experience is almost as important as the hardware. While your product may have all the necessary specifications, if it does not have a seamless, intuitive interface consumers may not take to it readily. Small things like build quality, sturdiness of design and overall aesthetics also play a large part.

While the Novo7 on paper seems like a tablet everyone would like to have, we would like to have a hands on session with one before we place our orders.It will also be interesting to see how other tablet manufacturers would react to this new entrant.

Source: PC Mag and International Business Times 

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