Ads for Nokia Windows Phone Device Surface

Ads for Nokia Windows Phone Device Surface

It's no secret that Nokia will be introducing its first Windows Phone device very soon, and these ads showcasing a device looking very similar to the Nokia N9 with Microsoft's mobile OS on top of it is just the beginning.

The Nokia Windows Phone device hasn't been named just yet, but various reports have brought up code names such as Sea Ray (accompanied by a leaked video), Sun and Sabre accompanying the first Nokia Windows Phone device. This particular ad lends more weight to the Sun code name, based on the copywriting which makes a not so subtle hint at "the sun will rise".

The first Windows Phone from Nokia will reportedly come with specs such as a 3.7" WVGA AMOLED display and 16GB of onboard storage. Its processor might see a clock speed of 1.4GHz.

With Nokia's CEO Stephen Elop mentioning that the first Nokia Windows Phone loaded with Mango will be expected sometime in Q4 2011, it seems most likely that Nokia World is where this particular device wil make its debut. The question is,  will it be just one, or multiple Windows Phone devices announced by Nokia during its annual event?

Source: Pocketnow via GSM Arena

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