Adobe Introduces the Adobe PDF Guild

Adobe Introduces the Adobe PDF Guild

Do Magic with PDF Documents : Create, Review and Collaborate on Compelling PDF Documents through a magical journey at the Adobe Acrobat Guild

Adobe introduces the Adobe PDF Guild ( an online social site that aims to help users of PDF technology understand how they can create high impact communication with rich content, driving tighter collaboration and productivity across their personal or corporate work.

The Adobe PDF Guild seeks to bring you through the power of Adobe Acrobat X by leading you through a fun and engaging magical journey. You will start as an Apprentice and progress towards the ultimate recognition of Wizard as you gain new skills. The Guild will teach you to unleash the full suite of Acrobat X features that will enable you to create and edit PDF files with rich media, share information more securely, gather feedback more efficiently, and ultimately deliver the kind of high-impact, engaging communications that you could only previously aspire to.

In the Guild, members can gain reward points through their activities and exchange them for attractive gifts.

Once you enter the Guild, your journey to becoming an Acrobat Wizard will begin. In order for you to attain this rank, you will have to complete five quests, each comprising of various challenges. These quests will help you earn the experience required to be promoted through the ranks, from Apprentice to Wizard. The challenge(s) within each quest will test your skills in wielding the magic of Adobe Acrobat X.

Your submitted quest solutions will be judged by the Adobe PDF Guild Elders — a panel of certified Acrobat experts. When you eventually complete all quests and challenges to attain the rank of Acrobat Wizard, you will be recognised as a full-fledged member of the Guild — one who has mastered the magic of Adobe Acrobat X.

The Themes of the 5 Quests:

Document Conversion: In this first quest, you will master this basic skill of Document Conversion and then demonstrate these new abilities through two simple challenges. By the end of this quest, you will be equipped with a new skill - one that lets you magically transform two different types of ordinary files (Videos and Webpages) into amazing PDF documents. The experience you earn upon completion of the quest will also lead to your promotion to the next level and earn you reward points.

Document Collaboration: You will have to master the skill of Document Collaboration in order to progress beyond the Apprentice level for your second quest. Users will be tasked with two challenges — the first will test your practical ability to review a document and add comments; while the second challenges your knowledge with a quiz on Live Commenting.

Document Security: This third quest will arm you with the skills to secure and protect your PDF documents properly. Two challenges that will test your ability to safeguard your confidential documents await you! They are 1) Perform a redaction, 2) Encrypt a PDF.

Dynamic Forms: Collecting data quickly and accurately is the key to the fourth quest’s success. Learn how to easily convert existing forms into fillable PDF forms with automatic form field recognition, or design them yourself starting with included templates. Track and manage responses, and export data for analysis.

Rich Documents: With Adobe Acrobat X, you can easily create complex PDFs that include different types of files. You can package multiple files of various types into a PDF Portfolio, in which each file appears separately and has its own pagination. You can also convert and merge multiple files into a single merged PDF, in which converted documents flow into the PDF as sequential pages.

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