Adobe Edge Preview Offers Flash-style Design Interface for HTML5

Adobe Edge Preview Offers Flash-style Design Interface for HTML5

Released yesterday, Adobe hopes to bring the same easy usability of Flash development tools to HTML5 with its new Adode Edge Preview application. The user interface is reminiscent of Flash and After Effects with a dedicated timeline for "jumping" and "scrubbing". Scripting consists of jQuery and Adobe's scripts, while animation uses both scripts and CSS.

Ars Technica - For all the talk of how HTML5 will be the future of the Web, and how, in particular, it will replace Flash for rich interactive and animated content, the reality is that the technology is out of reach for a lot of the designers and animators currently using Flash. While HTML5 developers are working directly with JavaScript, SVG, CSS, and other technologies, Flash designers enjoy a high-level environment with timelines, drawing tools, easy control of animation effects, and more. 

The beta version is still in its early phases with limited support for HTML and SVG content in the meantime. However, Adobe hopes to add more features such as richer graphics and interactivity for the final release, slated for launch sometime in 2012. For more on this story, click here

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